Earlier this year we told you the exciting news about our merger with Beat Nb. We have joined together with three other groups from around the country to become ONE unified nonprofit with ONE shared mission: to beat neuroblastoma childhood cancer.

On January 1, 2017, Max’s Ring of Fire officially became Beat Nb Southern California.

In the 8 years since Max passed away from neuroblastoma, we have been focused on changing the story for the next family by growing Max’s Ring of Fire and funding crucial patient-affecting research. We are seeing amazing results because there is a passionate and incredible community at our sides – not only our supporters, like you but other families who have battled neuroblastoma.

For several years, Max’s Ring of Fire, Beat NB, Because of Ezra and Melina’s White Light have been funding the same research and clinical trials. We’ve helped to build (and fund) the NMTRC, the research consortium of more than 30 hospitals across the world focused on treating and curing neuroblastoma, chaired by Dr. Giselle Sholler. This research is changing the treatment paradigm for neuroblastoma childhood cancer. More kids are surviving. More kids are receiving less invasive treatments. More kids are beating neuroblastoma.

As a unified organization, this new Beat Nb will continue to fund these important clinical trials and research. We will continue to share stories and hold special events throughout the year (now in more cities!) with the goal of raising more funds and awareness for neuroblastoma cancer research. We will operate as one streamlined organization.

Know that Max will always be our story. Max is how we know you and you know us. Max is how we met and came to love the other organizations we are merging with. Max’s life and death are how we know that combining resources and becoming an even bigger fist in the face of childhood cancer is the right thing to do. We know we are stronger together and we won’t stop until a neuroblastoma diagnosis comes with a promise of “we know how to beat this.” To learn more about our unified organization, please visit our new website at beatnb.org. You can also read a detailed blog post about the merger here.

Let’s do this!

The Beat Nb (Southern Cal) Team
Melissa Mikulak, Max’s mom and Southern Cal Director for Beat Nb
Andy Mikulak, Max’s dad and Team Beat Nb Southern Cal running team captain